2022 Update: Students lead on climate action

Hello friends! It has been a while, but with school back in session, it seems we can start working on this initiative again.

The good news: PPS Board has approved a district-wide comprehensive Climate Crisis Response Policy that will cut carbon emissions in half by 2030. This was spearheaded by our partners at Eco-School Network and the Climate Justice Committee, and we are glad to see that they included a section on Health & Wellness that pertains to our goals.

In order to reach the reduction in climate emissions, PPS needs to implement this portion of the policy through adding plant-based options. Especially as it aligns with our Portland’s Climate Action Plan. It may seem insignificant to those who are not aware of how important plant-rich options are in mitigating climate change, but plant-based foods are more important in lower carbon emissions than local, organic, season or minimally processed and packaged foods. And plant proteins are included and meet USDA Child Nutrition Program requirements. Along with food waste, which is also part of this policy, our collective actions on activities we participate in daily (eating), can make a major difference to the climate crisis, according to Project Drawdown, almost 1/4 of the emissions are from food. Electric vehicles get a lot of attention, but food waste and plant-rich diets are respectively the #3 and #4 top climate solutions. It’s past time they get the attention they deserve.

The youth today actually understand this, and will lead the changes which will need to happen, we want to support their efforts so it happens sooner rather than later.

Next week, we are going to be taking part of a middle school fair and speaking about food climate solutions. We’re looking for parents and students who want to work together on this project, so please contact Amy Hall at amy@thriving-creative.com if you would like to learn more!